I'm a graphic designer having 20+ years of graphic, printing, and digital experience.
Experienced in large advertising agencies, both — as in staff or outsourced.
Committed to helping clients shape their brand identity through the use of compelling graphic designs. Accustomed to collaborating with other creative professionals or leading them to achieve project goals.
Able to collect, coordinate and direct a group of designers at all stages of product creation.
Strengths are but are not limited to: brand and identity, any marketing materials, editorial design for print and digital, animations, and UI projects.
Self-starter and team leader, that actively helps and can take part in any process for main goal achievement.
My services include:
– Magazine, Catalog, whitepaper, brochure design, and layout (print & digital)
– Newspaper / Newsletter (print & digital)
– Poster, Banner, social posts
The tools I’m skilled in and that I use in my day-to-day work are:
– Adobe InDesign + DPS
– Adobe Illustrator,
– Adobe Photoshop.
I believe that I have a high communication level and fluent English, that I’m easy to work with, and I’m highly sensitive regarding deadlines.
Thank you!