Car of the Year. Russia
Premio «Car of the year». Russia.
KSK group

First form

Ronin Partners
One of the largest investment companies in Russia.We are very glad finding the way to this client and result didn't keep waiting.
Had honor to work (and we still in touch) with one of the largest russian SEO companies
Absolut bank
Short, but very interesting work at the tender for annual report design of this bank — grants to us rights to be proud of this achievement.
The largest consulting group in Russia. Designing some projects by Manu for this company brought mass of pleasure on both sides.
Элита общества
Magazine "Элита общества". 10 issues/year. Started 2004 and till 2011 has about 50+ issues. After our style renovation gathered brand new look and airing continuously.
Our Greece
Specialised tourist magazine about Greece in Russian language. Contains – maximum of exclusive information for main geographical directions and different types of rest. Yes, that happened. Done - printed - we're high :)
AirSoftMag magazine – thats the only printed Airsoft magazine in Russia. 1st issue was published in 2011 and only after that it came to us.
Espana Rusa
The largest portal about Spain in Russian, and also the coordination center of tourism and business "Espana Rusa" since 1997.
Professional bike shop. Made in cooperation with AA REPA
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